Saturday we took advantage of the great weather (warm and sunny enough for t-shirt and sandals) and went cycling in the morning. We cycled to Bögs gård, where I expected Ingrid to enjoy the animals. She couldn’t care less. But Eric and I got some sun and fresh air and exercise.

In the afternoon we worked on our hedge: Eric put in place the rest of the lawn edging, and we spread fertilizer and more soil around the bushes.

Sunday morning Ingrid and I went to our Estonian playgroup. She got to paint an egg during the crafts period. We spent Sunday afternoon and most of Monday in Uppsala with my mother and brother. Ingrid ate her painted egg, and more.

This afternoon we invited our neighbours over for afternoon play and dinner. Both their girls go to the same nursery as Ingrid, and the Julia, the younger one, is in the same group. They’ve been here at our place once before, and a few weeks ago Ingrid and I spent an afternoon at their house. Ingrid loved it, and she speaks almost every day about how she will soon be able to play with Julia again.