As time passes, doors disappear from our house. Slowly we’re gravitating towards the open plan living habits we acquired in London.

Already when we moved in, some doorways were doorless, and had probably been that way for a long time, since there aren’t even any hinges. This is the case for the doors from the hall to the living room, and from the living room to the corridor. The door between the hall and the kitchen appears to have been removed more recently, the hinges are still there.

A few weeks after the house became ours, we lifted away the door between the bathroom and the laundry room, because we couldn’t see any point to having a door there. (The laundry room, also known as the weird room, is a room that can only be reached from the bathroom. It was originally planned as a walk-in closet, then morphed into a sauna before it was built, but was never furnished as a sauna, so now it holds the tumble dryer, our laundry bins, and some odds and ends).

During our Christmas vacation we took down the wall between the kitchen and the living room. The improvement was huge. Now that the wall is gone, and the potential has become real, there is no chance that we’d ever want a wall there again.

Last week we got rid of the bathroom door, too. We never close it, anyway, except when we have guests. And when it was open, it couldn’t be opened all the way, flat to the wall, so it blocked the already-narrow corridor, making it seem darker and slightly cramped. For the sake of the guests we stowed the door in the laundry room, so we can easily put it back when needed.

The only doors still left downstairs are the bedroom door (so we don’t wake Ingrid in the evening) and the door to the mud room / cold storage room (because it’s unheated and made the kitchen very cold during winter). The upstairs doors have escaped removal thus far, but that’s mainly because we don’t spend any time upstairs so they haven’t gotten much attention yet. As soon as the staircase gets a proper banister and we unblock it for Ingrid, those doors will face an uncertain future.