I’ve been following the news about the financial crisis more than the average person, because I used to work in that industry. Even so it was a shock to hear that two more investment banks are gone: one selling itself and the other bankrupt. I knew things were going badly, but not that they were this bad. I find some pleasure in the fact that the bank I used to work for hasn’t collapsed yet, but I wonder what the mood is like, and how much the firm will have to change due to the crisis.

I’m glad we didn’t have the means to buy a home when we moved to London 7 years ago – otherwise we would have had to either postpone our move back to Sweden, or to try and sell a home in this year’s stagnant market. And it was really lucky that we found a house this spring – if we had been looking now, we wouldn’t be able to buy anything, because the market is all but standing still.

When all this is over I will have to try to find a good book about this crisis. I’m losing track of all the collapsing dominoes.