The front of the house faces the street, but the opposite side (with the veranda) also feels like the front, because that’s where we spend most of our time. The garden side is the sunny side, the green side, the living and playing side. (The third side feels mostly like a passage between the two front sides, and the fourth side I rarely think about.)

My favourite place in the garden is at the steps leading down from the veranda. The steps are often comfortably sun-warmed, and there are plants on every side of me. I have a good overview of that half of the garden from there. It’s a good place for reading, snacking, or doing slow tasks like peeling lots of potatoes. I also like just sitting on the steps, looking out over the garden and whoever may be there (Ingrid, Eric, birds, or the neighbour’s cat). Surveying my kingdom.

Eric and Ingrid also like sitting there.