We are living (temporarily) in the same apartment in Stockholm that we left 7 years ago when we moved to London. And it feels weirdly familiar.

For several weeks, whenever I wanted to throw something in the garbage bin, my legs would automatically take me towards the cupboard under the sink, where the bin used to reside 7 years ago, even though we now have a bigger bin standing in a different corner of the kitchen. Sometimes I would even reach to open the cupboard door before my conscious mind caught up with what was happening and steered my legs in the right direction.

One evening I had cooked dinner and picked up the cookbook to put it away. I started walking very purposefully towards the kitchen window with the book in my hand. Halfway there I had to stop and think for several moments. Why on Earth am I going towards the window? Then I remembered that we used to keep our cookbooks on the windowsill.

Seven years have passed, but the body still remembers.