House 1. Byvägen. Large house on a split plot*. Long and narrow house, so we called it “the loaf”. Garden too small, house too dark, with too many small rooms (which is good for a large family but not much use to us), and the whole thing felt a bit cheap. No buy.

House 2. Frälsegränd. Average on all counts. Did not stand out as either good or bad, except for the location, which was far from both bus and train. No buy. Snapped up by someone else within about a week.

A split plot (avstyckad tomt) is a plot that has been created by cutting up a larger plot. Someone has a house with a large garden and decides to chop their garden in two and sell the other half. Often one of the plots is behind the other one, not adjacent to the street (rather than the two being side by side), so an extra strip of land is cut off from the front plot for an access road to the rear plot.