House 3. Torulfsgatan. Not too bad on the inside, but from the outside this was an ugly house in a street with 10 more identical ugly houses. Gives the owner all the disadvantages of a terraced house but at the price of a detached house. No buy.

House 4. Båtsman Nähls väg. Garden too small, and the inside of the house was nothing spectacular. No buy.

House 5. Stackvägen. Another split plot, where the access road must have taken up a third of the plot, the house another third, which left a narrow strip of land on each side of the building as “garden”. On the inside the house was beautiful – just the kind of open plan house we’d been looking for, plus it was in very good shape, shiny new. We were really sorry to see such a lovely house on such a tiny plot of land. No buy.