A pleasant side effect of being child-free but not at work: restaurant lunches! I haven’t had a chance to do that very often recently. And I expect I will miss London’s wide range of restaurants, so we’ve gone out for lunch at two of my favourite places this week. Tuesday was Yo! Sushi, and today we went to Ping Pong (which is a dim sum chain).

Sushi is pretty much the only non-vegetarian food I eat by choice. Otherwise I only eat fish if there is no vegetarian option, or if it’s something particularly dull, such as a cheese omelette. I find that both fish and seafood taste and feel a lot better raw than cooked. Actually my last few meals at Yo! Sushi have been mostly vegetarian – edamame is nice, and they do nice grilled aubergines with ginger, and their tempura is great because it is served so fresh – but my favourite is their sesame seared salmon. And if you ever go to Ping Pong, don’t miss the steamed rice wrapped in a lotus leaf.