Drinks have been shared, farewells said, and hugs and handshakes exchanged. It feels strange to think that I will never walk into this office again, never touch that code again, and (most likely) never meet most of these people face to face again.

I’ve moved several times within the firm I worked for, and each time I moved, it was clear that the new job was more “right” for me than the old one. (With one painful exception.) After my last move I was pretty certain that I’d finally figured out that writing software was what I really wanted to do. I really enjoyed this job. What I hadn’t expected – although in retrospect it makes perfect sense – was that a job that fits me would also bring with it a team that fits me. While all the previous teams have generally been made up of bright, civilised, mostly-nice people, and I generally liked them well enough, I’ve never felt like one of them. This is the first team within the firm where I didn’t feel like an outsider, where I felt a sort of kinship with the other members of the team. I felt, for the first time, that the rest of the team were folk like me, and not from a different planet. (Believe me, traders really are from a different planet.)