After six and a half years in London, we have decided to move back to Sweden.

London has always been a temporary place for us. We’ve always known that we’ll move back sooner or later, but it’s always been one to two years in the future. But now we’ve made up our minds.

Ingrid is the main reason. London is fun when you’re young and free – there is so much to do. Now we can’t really do many of those things any more. Instead we notice that there is no greenery, nowhere for Ingrid to play, and no family. We feel a bit isolated. We also want Ingrid to be closer to her extended family. She has two small cousins in Stockholm. They both really enjoy meeting their extended family, and our visits are always big events for them. We want Ingrid to have that kind of opportunity as well.

The contract on our apartment runs out in March, so it was either move now, or move next year. So now it is.