Despite all the filters I have in place, spam keeps coming through. Some of it gets no further than my inbox; some gets published and cleaned up afterwards. Interestingly much of the spam that isn’t caught by the filters is broken spam: spam with missing links or broken html code, or even stuff that looks like a part of the spam generating code itself. Anyway, it is a constant annoyance.

To try get around this I have now installed a very simple captcha mechanism (using the TinyTuring plugin). All you need to do in order to comment is to prove that you are human by typing a specific letter in a box. It seems to work. If you find that it doesn’t work for you, just send me an email (helen@).

If this works well, I will get rid of the rest of the anti-spam features, in particular the moderation queue, and all your comments will go straight to live without passing my inbox first.