I found a Times article about GCSE science exams, specifically about some committee’s demands that the exam should be made easier.

The Times kindly provides a sample science exam (pdf). Now I do have rather low expectations of the UK educational system, but even so, I was not expecting the exam questions to be that basic. Half of them would be suitable for 10-year-olds.

All the questions are multiple choice questions, so you don’t need to do more than guess at what sounds most plausible.
Every formula you might need to know is provided for you, including (I’m not joking) “speed = distance / time” so you don’t even need to know any of the basic relationships.
Only 5 out of the 40 questions required some sort of calculation. The most complicated calculation required is a single step of multiplication.

Sample question:

2. We can take photographs of the moon because
A it is a small star
B it reflects light
C it is electromagnetic
D it produces its own light

A disgrace, I say. What is the world coming to, when 14-year-olds who have actually studied science – not disadvantaged unschooled 14-year-olds – have trouble answering questions of this kind?