Saaremaa, middle of the night. And I’m typing on some sort of laptop Mac thingy which is turning out to be surprisingly difficult. Things keep happening on the screen even when I don’t think I have touched anything special.

Monday we got up at 4 and flew to Tallinn and then drove to Tartu. An uneventful flight and an uneventful drive as well.

Tuesday morning we (my father and his wife and myself with Ingrid) drove to my father’s summer house in Kapsta. The rest of Tuesday and Wednesday, plus half of Thursday, we spent hanging around the garden.

Ingrid got a sandbox and a little wading pool, plus a large expanse of grass to explore, and an assortment of plastic and rubber toys to play with, as well as new interesting things such as a little wooden stool (which could be banged against the floor), a dustpan and brush (which could also be banged against the floor with far more interesting outcomes than the ones at home).

Thursday around midday we drove towards Saaremaa, stopping in Pärnu for the night. The weather was really warm so we went to the beach in Vana-Pärnu: Ingrid’s first encounter with the sea. She wasn’t much interested in the water, but the heavy dark muddy sand was great fun.

Friday we continued to Saaremaa, to visit a bunch of relatives in Kaunispe, and that’s where I am now, being attacked by vicious midges.

To be continued tomorrow because it is bedtime now.