Some people seem to get stuck in a certain era in fashion. Look carefully and you will see people who are still wearing 1970s clothes (or as close as they can get) or still have a 1980s hairdo – not because they think retro is cool but because they truly think that that is what things SHOULD look like.

Other people get left behind the technology train: they cannot and will not learn to operate a VCR, or refuse to use mobile phones.

I think I might be on the verge of missing the technology train. I don’t get the point of the things the younger generation is doing. I can see the point of blogs, of PSPs and wifi and digital cameras and wikis. But most of the Web 2.0 craze that has some people so excited just puzzles me. Tumblr? Twitter? Yahoo Pipes? MySpace? Who has time to fill these sites with all that junk, and who cares?

Am I growing old?