An important part of any trip “back home” (wherever that is) is the food. I’ve got my must-eat-when-in-Estonia foods, and my must-eat-when-in-Sweden foods. I imagine that every expat will have similar longings – foods that you wouldn’t love so much if you could eat them at any time, but when they’re miles away and you only get them a few times a year (at best) they become very important.

Estonia has kohupiim and various things made of kohupiim (such as kohupiimakorbid and kohupiimavorm) and Estonian bread.

Sweden has filmjölk (to be eaten with cereal) and Kalle’s kaviar.

Plus of course both of them have a whole lot of good but less important things, such as desserts, and candies I remember from my childhood, and special brands of bread, and potatoes and apples that taste just so…