Remember I said that Ingrid prefers to turn her head to the left? She still does that all the time. I try to encourage her to look to the right as well. I turn her head that way when I put her down, or put her in her chair. I’ve turned her the other way in the bath, so that I am on her right. I place her chair so that she has a window or a lamp or blinking Christmas lights to the right, and nothing interesting to her left. But none of this really works. She turns her head right back to the left and stares at nothing. Even when she has a choice between staring at a white tiled bathroom wall, and looking at me, she takes the wall – as long as it is to her left!

The one and only thing that she finds head-turningly interesting is her own reflection: if I put her down in front of the mirror and turn her to face that way, she is happy to remain there and make faces at herself.

What a vain creature!