New things Ingrid has learned:

  • Smiling!
  • Faces. In the last week or so, she has become really interested in looking at faces. When she is near people, she prefers looking at their faces to staring out through the window.
  • Imitating. Just this morning she learned to copy facial expressions – Eric and Ingrid were making faces at each other. It seemed to be hard work for her – she tired after a few minutes.
  • Head. Her neck is a lot stronger, and she can now hold her head upright and turn it in different directions, without constant support. She’s still far better at starting a movement than controlling or stopping it: the movements often end up being way too forceful and going too far, so she throws her head around quite wildly, and ends up hitting me with her head a few times every day…
  • Hands. Ingrid now knows that her hands are hers, and that she can do things with them. “Do things” in this case really means “put them in the mouth and suck on them”.