The baby…

Hmm… I don’t like calling him/her “the baby”. It feels so impersonal, as if it was just any one of a bunch of babies. I wouldn’t call my child “the child” for example. People have names for their dogs, cars, houses and willies, so the baby definitely deserves one as well.

I think Blump would be a good name. Vaguely related to both bumps and lumps, definitely softer than a lump, and fits boys and girls equally well. So Blump it is, from now on.

Blump has started moving around now. About two weeks ago I thought I could feel faint flutterings, but only if I was really still and watched for them. Sort of like belly rumblings but with a more distinct location and a clearer sense of direction. The best moment to catch them was at night, when I was close to falling asleep. They would usually come a little while after I turned on my back.

The movements slowly grew stronger, until there really was no doubt that it was Blump and not my intestines. Some of it seems to be general shifting around, but the most distinct ones are definitely kicks and punches – I’m glad there’s not much strength behind them!

Blump has been gaining confidence over the last few days and is now moving around during daytime as well. It’s a very odd feeling when s/he does it. Imagine you’ve swallowed a whole live fish, and it’s now flopping around in your stomach – something like that. Except that it feels nice, which wouldn’t be the case with a fish, I imagine.