Here are some pictures from our Lake District trip. Nothing spectacular; visually this wasn’t a very memorable holiday. Scotland was more impressive (4 years ago). And despite the name, there were far more hills than lakes!

I was surprised by how barren the hills were – they’re not particularly tall, but for some reason there were hardly any trees or bushes – due to the soil, maybe, or the wind? And because we went in early spring, the views were mostly of brown hills covered with dry grass and dead bracken. It probably looks greener in the summer, but it must still be pretty empty.

Down in the valleys, the walled-in meadows were green and dotted with sheep. It was lambing season, so the meadows were full of lambs, ranging from newborns who could barely stand, to restlessly prancing and skipping ones, and finally those that had already started to settle down, grow up and eat grass. I don’t know what they do with the lambs to make them so cute!