It’s clear that my current wardrobe won’t get me far through the pregnancy, and even the “panic buy” skirts will only last a little longer, so today I went out to explore what’s available in maternity wear. A whole bunch of online shops, to start with. I’m a bit unsure about the sizing – it is generally supposed to be based on your pre-pregnancy size, but I don’t know whether some of my rapid weight gain may have taken my “base size” up a notch. So I started with some bricks’n’mortar shops, in order to figure out what size I need, and to see how these things work.

Maternity wear has come far from baggy dresses and kaftans. It is actually possible to look really good, because there are lots of really stylish clothes out there. Many of the items I tried on were also wonderfully comfortable. Such a relief after several weeks of trying to squeeze into my normal trousers, even with the buttons undone. Some of them were so pleasant to wear that I hope I can use them after the pregnancy, too. That might even be possible – they are really cleverly constructed! There’s a whole technical vocabulary I need to learn. I can choose between over-the-bump and under-the-bump trousers. There are wide jersey roll waists, elasticated waists with hidden adjustment bands, stretchy jersey side panels, and so on.