I’ve tentatively decided to get rid of this categories thing here. They’re here because the default setup of Movable Type had categories, and having never blogged before, I just accepted the defaults. Now, half a year later, I’m discovering that many of my posts don’t fit into a neat category. And the other day I noticed that I couldn’t remember which category I’d put a certain post in. If I can’t keep them straight, then you probably can’t either.

Or perhaps I could just reduce them. I might keep the Meta category (for posts about the blog and blogging, like this one), and maybe Books and Art & Entertainment, and The Rest. Or maybe not. But the current setup doesn’t seem good.

I also doubt that anyone comes here to read a particular category and doesn’t care about the rest. If you do, and if you’d like me to keep categorising my posts, now would be a good time to tell me! If you don’t feel like posting a comment, send me an email – the address is simply helen@ + this domain name.