Hunger leads to eating. Eating leads to weight gain. Weight gain leads to clothes not fitting.

After three weeks of struggling to feed my ravenous hunger, I’ve gained about 4 kg. Well, maybe some of it came a bit earlier, before the hunger came to its peak, but I believe most of it is the result of a few weeks of intense eating.

Those 4 kg appear have gone straight to the waistline, adding roughly 10 cm. As a result, none of my clothes fit around the waist anymore. First they generally became a bit tight. Then the ones that used to sit rather loosely, low on the hips, became tight. Then even those became uncomfortably tight. There’s one woolly skirt that might make it through another week or so, if I move the buttons out a bit.

Yesterday evening I accepted the inevitable fact that I really have nothing to wear any more, and went out for some emergency shopping. The waistline isn’t going to stop expand any time soon, so I needed clothes that would expand with it. Elastic waists, drawstrings, etc. But that sort of thing turned out surprisingly hard to find… elasticated waists really aren’t the in thing right now. Most elasticated things fell into one of two categories: way too casual (skirts in flower-patterned jersey, which I wouldn’t want to wear to work) or ridiculously unstylish (black shapeless trousers with no details). Stretchy things are aimed at teenagers and at women who’ve stopped caring about how they look.

I found some halfway decent skirts in the end. With a bit of work they might even look good. The long simple charcoal one will get a large handful of tiny silk roses – something to keep me busy this weekend. The wide brown skirt in heavy viscose might get some golden pearls, or maybe some sequins along the edges and corners.

No trousers, though. (Sweatpants don’t count. I refuse to wear sweatpants. I’m not that desperate yet.) It might get easier when it gets warmer: drawstring trousers in linen have been popular for a few years, and will hopefully be around this summer as well. And dresses, yes, that’s it. I foresee lots of dresses this summer.

It was a bit of a shock to be trying on clothes in size 14 though… I’ve never worn anything larger than a 10, and mostly 8s. But on the other hand, it was nice not to have to dig around for the smallest size possible, only to discover that even that sits like a sack, and go home with empty hands. I might even try to keep some of this weight afterwards!